A&V Pawn Shop’s Guide to Pawning

A&V Pawn Shop’s Guide to Pawning

Pawning Requirements:

  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • State ID, Drivers License, Passport, or Matricula.
  • Collateral (i.e. The item you are pawning, which holds enough value that we can then loan upon.)

The Basics of Pawning:

  • Bring in your collateral(viewing the item is the best and sometimes the only way to determine whether we can take something into pawn and the amount of money we can give.)
  • Let us know how much you’re looking to borrow*.(We work much like the banks do. Based on how much you are trying to borrow, we’ll determine if your collateral has enough value for us to be able to loan the amount you need.)
  • Please be sure to let the Loan Clerk know if you have an existing account with us.(Returning customers with good standing accounts can usually borrow more.)
  • If we have agreed to loan you the amount you asked for or have reached an amount agreed upon, the loan clerk will then proceed to type up your Loan Slip.(Multiple items will be separated onto multiple tickets.)
  • Once you sign and right thumb print the Loan Contract, the Loan Clerk will then hand you the amount agreed upon in CASH. IT’S THAT EASY!
  • Your Loan Slip will have all the Terms and Conditions, plus the explanation of your charges.
  • You have 4 months and 10 days to return for your item. All loans incur an automatic finance charge. Finance charge amounts vary based upon amount loaned .(ex: $100 loan will have a finance charge of $17.50)**
  • We do send out reminders, but please be sure to ensure that we have your correct address on file. Due to the sometimes unreliable Postal Service, reminders may not reach their destination. Note the dates on your Loan Slip. As always we strive to provide great customer service, if you ever have any questions about your loan, feel free to contact the store directly.


  • Bring in your Loan Slip.
  • We’ll have you sign the Loan Slip.(We may ask you to show us ID.)
  • You’ll pay the amount owed.
  • We’ll hand you your item or items (Goods are not shown until items are paid for in full).

We appreciate your business and hope you become a returning customer and refer customer to us.

 Can’t Redeem? Don’t worry! BUY 4 MORE MONTHS! Just by paying your interest!
Paying your interest will renew your contract and give you another 4 months!


*If we agree to the amount you asked to borrow/sell, but decide not to go through with the loan. There is a five dollar assessment fee per item.
**Interest amounts are governed by the state of California. Fee based on first 90 days of contract. Additional interest may be charged for each consecutive day after 90 days. Additional charges may apply.