Store Updates

Update To Our Customers

updated 07/08/2020

We really appreciate the patience of all of our customers. We know you have a lot of questions and we’re trying to answer all of them. Please be patient as we try to answer all incoming phone calls. We’ve made a list of key points to keep this update brief and concise:

  • Jewelry Loans and Jewelry Layaways are safe and secure. We had the foresight to take all jewelry offsite before the incident.
  • ALL jewelry items are being stored offsite and as such need 24-hour notice to be redeemed.
  • We are SCHEDULING ALL REDEEMS while our store is under construction at the moment. Please give us a call to be put on the list.
  • We’re still sorting through which hard good items are still on-premises. Please be patient with us.
  • We are currently taking phone calls for any questions or any payments you would like to make. Please be patient as we are slammed with phone calls. Thank you!
  • We apologize to any customers who receive notices even though you’ve been notified that your item has been looted. We don’t have any way at the moment to stop the system from sending you a notice.

Please check back. We will use this page to provide updates on our current status and hopefully we can start helping our customers soon.