Musical Instruments Loans

A&V Pawnshop loans money on all instruments.


We Take all guitars

A&V pawn shop is the premier pawn shop for guitar enthusiast. A&V pawn shop specializes on vintage guitar loans. If you have a rare guitar please make sure you visit us first! We accept all Fender Guitars, Martin guitars, Taylor Guitars and many other brands! Shector Omen 6(Full)2


Got an Amp to pawn? Bring it to us!

As the premier musical pawnshop in the area amplifiers are a big part of business here at A&V pawn shop. We loan top dollar on all tube amplifiers and name brands.



Symphonic Instruments

A&V pawn shop will loan you cash for your professional Violin, Saxophone, flutes, and other symphonic instruments. Please visit our location for a loan assessment.